"Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete, as long as you bring that old school work ethic, so will I."


Dan started his journey  in sports when his law enforcement parents got him into football at age 7. He continued playing and training in the sport throughout high school and even some college.

It was in high school that Dan met Tom Zbikowski, former football player turned boxer. This changed everything for Dan. Tom and his father, Eddy, brought him to speed and sports performance camps to help him advance in football.  They also brought him to Windy City Gym in Chicago to hit the bag, learn about boxing and watch skilled fighters spar and train. It was here that he began to love boxing.

Shortly after high school at the age of 18, Dan had his first amateur fight. Now, over 30 amateur fights and several Golden Glove tournaments later, Dan is due for a pro debut once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Boxing isn't Dan's only passion, however. He has trained with some of the best athletes in Illinois and has a wrestling and shidokan karate background as well. He spent over five years training with legendary trainer Yasunori Matsumoto.

Dan wants to pass on this knowledge that he has acquired over the years from the numerous camps, gyms and fights he has participated in. He wants to give athletes AND non-athletes the skills to enhance their sport- whether that's boxing, team sports, or everyday life. The drills and exercises he uses to train will increase athleticism, burn a lot of calories, and increase confidence.

Bolger combines an old school work ethic with modern training techniques to bring his clients to the next level.

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